What is a Blowout Bar?

What is a Blowout Bar?


What exactly is a blowout bar? Is it a salon? Do you color hair? Is it expensive. We are glad you asked! These are all questions we have seen, so we are here to explain all the facts behind this popular new service.

  • A blowout bar is NOT a full service salon.
  • We provide customized shampoo & conditioning treatments, essential oil therapy and beautifully transform your hair into a style chosen by you – whether it’s a blowout or updo service.
  • It’s affordable. No matter what kind of hair you have, thick, long, curly or straight – blowouts at Sam Villa’s HairShow, Blowout Bar are always one flat fee of $35.
  • We do NOT offer any coloring services.
  • We do NOT offer hair cutting.
  • The best part is, it’s fast! Because we aren’t cutting or coloring your hair, you can be in and out in under 45 minutes!

So why go to a blowout bar? What if you could get your hair washed, styled and set for 3-5 days for an affordable cost? A blowout bar is not just for celebrities anymore! You can enjoy a relaxing, rejuvenating and royal experience without breaking the bank. The purpose is to provide a fast and beautiful service for every single guest! Offering a variety of styles, you choose your hairstyle then sit back, relax and our master stylists do the rest. The best part is, the blowout lasts for more than a day! We use the most effective hair products and professional styling tools from Sam Villa to keep your blowout looking fresh for up to 3-5 days.

Blowouts are only $35. However, you can choose add-on services for a small extra cost. These services include:

  • Scalp Massage – Enhance your service with a scalp massage and begin your treatment with the ultimate relaxation at the shampoo bowl.
  • Redken Chemistry System – A customized professional treatment for whatever your hair needs – whether it’s moisture, color protection, strength, softness, control, or a combination of these benefits.
  • Eye Treatment – Lift and revitalize your eyes for a fresh youthful appearance with a green tea eye treatment.

HairShow offers other services including,

  • Pillow Proof  – Freshen up your blowout! We will re-polish your dry hair and apply dry shampoo if needed. In 15 minutes you will feel beautiful and ready for anything coming your way.
  • Updos & Braids – Whether it’s for a wedding or prom, our master stylists are trained every spring and fall on the freshest trends from the Catwalk to the Red Carpet.
  • Mens Hair – This service is designed for the fella in your life. This service includes a 20-minute scalp massage, shampoo and styling.

Membership packages make it even more affordable to those who visit regularly! There’s nothing more relaxing than being pampered, leaving and feeling beautiful all with a minimum investment.

Let the Sam Villa trained stylists at Sam Villa’s HairShow, Blowout Bar style your hair! Click here to schedule an appointment.