Difference Between Balayage and Highlights

Balayage and Highlights – What Are the Differences Between Them?

Overview of balayage

Difference Between Balayage and Highlights

Balayage is a trend of hair dying with the help of best shampoo for balayage hair. Balayage is a French word, which means painting or sweeping. The balayage makes the hairs of the adults same as that of children’s hairs. Small sections of hairs are called highlights, which are light in color in comparison to the base color. People having hairs of dark brown color will have the highlights of light brown color. In the same way, other dark-colored hairs will have highlights of light colors.

What is highlight?

Aluminum foils are used to apply the highlights. The application of the hair dye starts from the roots and done till the ends of the hairs. The color of the highlights is lightened by covering the hairs with aluminum foils. These foils trap the heat and make the color of the hairs light. The customer has to plan the look of his hair before applying the highlights.

Difference Between Balayage and Highlights

Difference between balayage and highlights

There are many differences between balayage and highlights and these are given below.


The pattern used in the highlights is more structured in comparison to balayage. Highlights have to be carefully placed. Balayage is a form of freehand painting on the hairs. The painting is done in large sections. The blending is fast in comparison to, highlights.

Procedure of application

In order to apply the highlights, starting should be done from the roots of the hair to their end. The balayage is applied from the middle of the hairs to their ends.


Various types of shades can be applied through highlights and balayage. If a person wants light shading, he should ask for highlights, which should be covered with aluminum foils. These foils help in saturating the colors. Few shades are available in the case of balayage. These shades can be blended more easily in comparison to highlights.


There is no need o maintain balayage because it does not start from the roots. Maintaining highlights is necessary because it is done from the root and when the hairs grow, the highlights go away from the roots Highlights have to be applied again from the root to the previously done highlights.

Looks of the hairs on which highlights are applied

There are many types of looks on the hairs on which highlights are applied. These looks are defined here.

Hairs with blonde highlights

People can give various types of looks to their hairs with the help of highlights. One such look is hairs with blond highlights. This highlight makes the hairs look natural. The color of the hairs will become chocolate brown and they will look sophisticated.

Highlights of bright red color

Some people like their hairs to look like red-hot iron or appear as fiery. In such a case, people can go for auburn shade. Highlights with bright red color are good for giving such a color to the hairs.

Highlights of bleached blonde

If people want to have two types of colors on their hairs, they can go for highlights with bleached blonde. The hairs having two separate colors look good and other people see the amazing combination on the hairs.

Blonde balayage with superlight color

People can convert their hairs from dark brunette and go for totally blonde hairs. In such a case, people can go for bright blonde colors. The combination of light and dark colors makes the hairs look amazing and the person having this type of hair looks smart.

Peek A-Boo Highlights

In this type of highlight, people can have shining color along with the dark one. This makes the hairs look sophisticated and people will love such a combination.

Looks of the hairs on which balayage is applied

There are many types of balayage, which can be applied to the hairs. These are discussed below.

Brown balayage blonde

Blonde is one of the most popular balayage applications on the hairs. Blonde can be applied to long hairs and they look beautiful. If the base is of any dark color like dark brown and the blonde is of light color, this contrast adds beauty to the hairs.

Brown balayage with rich chocolate

The shades of red brunette look very surprising and appealing. The rich chocolate color gives makes the hairs special when they are done in the form of balayage. If the hair has mahogany color, the balayage of chocolate color gives a good look to the hairs.

Balayage of green emerald color

If the balayage of green emerald color is applied to the hairs, they look like jewel tones. The emerald green color makes the hairs luxurious. The hairs become bright and look stylish. The wavy style of the hairs is also good looking.

Balayage of amethyst color

There are many people especially, women, who want to look like a fairy. In such a case, they can go for balayage of amethyst color. The person looks gorgeous because the curls become voluminous and women will look beautiful.

Balayage of smokey blue color

The hair with smokey blue balayage makes the hairs cool-toned. They look beautiful and amazing. If the color combination is indigo and blue, grey undertones need to be applied. In order to have a makeover of the hair, people can go for this type of balayage.

Reasons of considering balayage as better option for hairs

Applying balayage on the hairs is easy in comparison to highlights. Balayage can be applied on hairs and there is no need to go to the root. If a person has a haircut, this technique works the best. It is so because when hairs start growing, variance is provided to them. This growth looks natural and people will not be able to guess whether the hairs are colored or not.

Wrapping up

People can go for both balayage or highlights as per their choice. In the case of highlights, people have to sit for long as highlights are to be applied from the root of the hairs. People also have to maintain them when the hairs grow. Such is not the case with balayage as it is applied with freehand.